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Your Session:
You’ve got 90 minutes to push your surfing with three different wave settings normally reserved for our Private Sessions.  You’ll start on our pro comp wave, The Point, then take a shot at stomping one on our world-famous air wave, The Ramp, then like any great surf trip, finish off by back-dooring one in front of your friends on our barrel wave, The Wedge.

The Waves (powered by PerfectSwell®):
The Point
This runner provides three different looks to perfect your favorite turns. Wave 1 has the quickest take-off and steepest first section to set up bigger individual turns; wave 2 gives you a longer middle section to string together a variety of maneuvers; and wave 3 had a more drained out end section for the occasional cover or punt.
The Ramp
Our world-famous air wave has had so many picts and vids taken at this point, it’s starting to go to her head. Take a shot at the same ramp that’s become a social media superstar and see what all the fuss is about.
The Wedge
This one gives you a nice chip in take-off that’ll have you set up for back-dooring the perfect cover.

Similar To:
A great day on the Gold Coast.

The Details:
Maximum of 9 surfers per session.
90-minute sessions, scheduled for either right or left.

Recommended Equipment:
Given the time you’ve got in the water, and the variety we’re throwing at you, it’s a great time to try some different gear, but no longboards or soft-tops are permitted.

Pro Level Disclaimer:
By selecting the Pro Session, you are signing up to surf the largest, and most powerful waves we offer to the public. These waves are difficult to ride and catch even for professional surfers. These waves have the power to break boards and seriously injure people. Consistently wiping out and not catching these waves makes you a danger to yourself and to others in the lineup. If you are deemed by our water patrol to be below the skill level it takes to ride these waves, you will be asked to vacate the surf lagoon and we will reschedule you in a session appropriate for your skill level at no cost. We want everyone who rides our waves to have the best and safest experience possible.