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The surf. All to yourself. 

We can get you dialed whether you want to take down the entire day, or simply book a single hour.

• The number of people in the water at one time is up to you, but we find the magic number is between 9 and 12. If you have a larger group, we can help build a heat schedule to get you rotation in and out of the water.
• Book anywhere from 1 to 8 hours in any one day.
• Get access to our entire library of waves, many are only available during private sessions.
• Work with our Surf Team to build out the perfect session to take a shot as everything from airs to barrels, and maximize your time in the water.


We’ll make it easy for you to get to your feet and work on your balance to start to get a feel for longer rides. Our beginner wave, The Coaster, will give you plenty of time to learn how to position for take offs, and angle towards the end of the bay.