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Your Session:
You’ll get tons of reps to push your surfing step-by-step. Our intermediate wave, The Runner, will give you a long, clean wall to work on connecting your turns, and trying some bigger maneuvers knowing you’ve got more rides coming.

The Wave:
The Runner (powered by PerfectSwell®)
Open, lined-up faces allow for high performance and high variety. Our three-wave set provides three different waves to play with; wave 1 has a slightly steeper take-off and initial section, allowing for multiple top turns and a full speed end-section; wave 2 provides a slightly longer line for a racier set up for a bigger finishing turn, and wave 3 has a softer take off, but more drained out end section for a little cover up, and wrapping top-turns.

Similar To:
A chest to head-high day at Trestles (just with fewer people).

The Details:
Maximum of 12 surfers per session.
30 minutes of rights, 30 minutes of lefts.

Recommended Equipment:
Soft and hard boards are allowed in the Intermediate session. If you’re riding a log, we’d recommend keeping it under 9ft.