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Beginner Session Summer
Beginner Academy *Must have beginner session booked*

Beginner Wave

  • Our beginner setting is exactly what it sounds like; slow, gentle and for beginners. These waves are small and recommended for people who are just learning to surf, slower paddlers, and people who aren’t yet angling on the wave and just going straight.
  • This setting actually has two wave options – gentle bubbling whitewash on the periphery of the pool, and in the back, a slow 1-2ft wave that’s great for progressing from standing up in the whitewash.
  • We produce one wave every 1:30 and the wave breaks in all directions of the pool.
  • We have a maximum of 20 people per session since everybody is going straight.
  • soft top board rental is included in the price of your beginner session. Easy to stand up on, great for learning, and building confidence!

Upgrade your sesh with a lesson! 

This May we are (finally) launching our Beginner Academy. Add the Beginner Academy to your standard Beginner Surf Session, show up 1 hour before the scheduled beginner session and learn all the tips and tricks to get you shredding faster! Everything from safety, to reading our waves, even some paddling and pop up secrets are included.

Already booked a Beginner Surf Session and want to add the Beginner Academy? No problem, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in.

*Beginner Academy is offered for the first Beginner Surf Session of the day when there are two Beginner Surf Sessions scheduled.

*Includes soft top/foam board rental for the Beginner Surf Session.