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Your Session:
We’ll run four-wave sets to keep you in almost constant motion, with a wave variety that will give you lots of chances to refine your game. Just about everything’s on offer here from head-dips to airs. Push yourself to string together your biggest moves, then paddle back into your next one.

The Wave:
The Peak (powered by PerfectSwell®)
This wave gives you the variety and setups you need to push your surfing to the limit. Wave 1 is a steep runner, with a quick take-off and open face perfect for true top to bottom surfing; wave 2 stretches that face out a bit allowing for big wraps and end-section turns at full speed; wave 3 is a slopier take-off allowing you to pump into a steeper end-section for your biggest hacks; wave 4 provides the most stretched out sections for a punchy beach-break-like set up.

Similar To:
A great day on the Gold Coast.

The Details:
Maximum of 12 surfers per session.
30 minutes of rights, 30 minutes of lefts.

Recommended Equipment:
High-performance boards for a high-performance wave. Grovelers and fun-boards can be a blast, but logs can be a bit sluggish.

Advanced Level Disclaimer:
By selecting the Advanced Session, you are signing up to surf one of the fastest, largest, and most powerful waves we offer to the public. These waves are difficult to ride and catch even for professional surfers. These waves have the power to break boards and seriously injure people. Consistently wiping out and not catching these wave makes you a danger to yourself and to others in the lineup. If you are deemed by our water patrol to be below the skill level it takes to ride these waves you will be asked to vacate the surf lagoon and we will reschedule you in a session appropriate for your skill level at no cost. We want everyone who rides our waves to have the best and safest experience possible.